Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips for cooking

Ok so Makana asked me to give 10 tips that I have for cooking so here they are:

1.Since I first got married I have bought the family packs of hamburger and cook it up in a big pan, drain the grease and add the spices then put the hamburger in tupperware to easily grab when I'm making tacos, sloppy joes or other meals. All the mess is done in one day for the month and it use to be cheaper for the meat. I like to add brown sugar, tomato sauce, chili powder, salt, pepper,onion,garlic powder, and sometimes I'll add cumin and oregano.
2.Bring in all my green tomatoes before the frost and put in my windowsill to ripen. This extends the growing season 2 months. Then bag up the other veggies and freeze them for soups, etc.
3. I keep my powdered milk in the pantry to use for every cooking item that calls for milk. So much cheaper and helps rotate my food storage.
4. I buy only when items are on sale. If sour cream goes to .50 cents I buy 10-20 cartons and freeze them. The same goes with cheese, yeast, whipping cream, bread, milk, seeds and meats.
5. I'm addicted to wheat. I cook and make wheat berries for breakfast and add a little to my hamburger. I have a great wheat chili recipe that has no meat. It's the best I've ever had.(courtesy of Ora Christensen)
6. Get a coffee grinder not a wheat grinder. Mine only cost $29.00. Can't go wrong with that.
7.I buy a large can of chicken bouillon and use that in place of chicken broth savings about 90%. I open the can and put some in a mason jar in my spice cabinet.
8.I cook beans in my crockpot and then mash them and use them in place of butter and oil in any recipe. The food tastes better and its healthier and 99% less calories.
9. Don't throw away ripe bananas they make the best banana bread.
10. I like to double or quadrouple my soup recipes and freeze the extra to pull out when I need a quick meal.


  1. Great tips! You need to post the recipe for the butter though so we can all try it out. And I love the coffee grinder idea

  2. Hey! I would LOVE that recipe for the Wheat no meat Chilli? Please? ; D

  3. Hey Lynn, do you know where you saw that recipe? Did one of us post about it?

  4. ya mom i want this wheat chili recipe. sounds Yummy.