Thursday, February 3, 2011

Starbucks Apple Cider

During Christmas and our many flights, we were introduced to Starbucks. We had a few gift cards and time to enjoy it. Tus, our love affair with this overpriced drink was born. I actually use it as a bribe tool to get the toddler to cooperate. I think she is catching on that I am not owning up to my end though. So I thought it prudent to just copy the recipe. This is the closest I came.

Cinnamon syrup- a couple of squirts (sold in the store)
Treetop premium apple juice (NOT CIDER. That was my first mistake)
MilkWhipped cream
Carmel syrup drizzled on top

Blend cinnamon syrup with equal parts milk and apple juice. Layer the bottom of the cup with whip cream. Add the apple/milk mixture. Top with whipped cream and carmel syrup. Enjoy!