Friday, April 8, 2011

Pita Pizza with raisins

DON'T you Dar say GROSS! :)
Well, you can because I did. But McKay thought it would be fun to try so we made it and we will be adding this to our monthly menu. 

Pita Pizza idea we got from mom's post
We got the recipe from this months Rachel Ray Mag. (I have a subscription as a gift)
This is probably one of her best mag with SO MANY recipes!

Pita's (or pizza dough, it doesn't matter)
NO SAUCE!!! (we tried with and w/o and w/o is MUCH BETTER)

swiss cheese
Bacon chopped up
onions (sauteed with bacon and butter beforehand)
Golden Raisins (add to the onions and bacon)

add the swiss cheese. Then add the sauteed mix of raisins, onion and bacon. 
Top with olives and back until cheese is melted. 

You tastebuds will thank you. :)


  1. hmm sounds good!
    And I was just wondering what to do with my leftover pita!