Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cookie+ice cream=delish!

The other day I made this batch of chocolate chip cookies. 
So soft even days after. Pretty sure it is because of the pudding involved. 
I only made 2 pans worth but that left me with LOTS of left over cookie dough. 
And when is that EVER a bad thing?!
I rolled up rest into a log, wrapped in plastic, and stored for later consumption. 
"Later" happened to be 6 hours later. 
I saw my silicone cupcake pan and thought  "hmmm.... its like a cookie sheet."
So I baked my cookies in the cupcake pas, and scooped some ice cream on top while it was still hot.
They all went into the freezer together and came out a beautiful and delish marriage of all things yummy.  
And we made a batch every day until it was all gone. 
And that was a very sad day.