Friday, October 7, 2011

Makana's Kitchen tip

1. Flash freezing. Flash freezing — the process of spacing items out on a tray, freezing them until they are firm and then storing them in more space-efficient freezer bags — is the single most revolutionizing concept I have adapted into my cooking repertoire, because it allows us to freeze uncooked dumplingsgnocchibiscuitsscones and even scooped cookies without them become one doughy mass.source
I LOVE flash freezing. It keeps everything nice and individual. Here is a good tutorial with pictures too.

2. with love, ziplock.
When chicken goes on sale or is on clearance, it is usually for the fresh kind. Not frozen. After spending a LONG time defrosting a WHOLE pack, I realized it would be so much easier to just put them in individual baggies when I get home with them in the first place. I label them by type and quantity and marinade. This allows me to make a variety of dishes. (this goes for anything I end up getting a lot of. Cheese, meat, breads)

and your chicken tip for the day via Racheal Ray: DO NOT MICROWAVE your chicken to thaw it out. It makes for really dry chicken.  AND bone in chicken is not only usually cheaper but also a lot moister.
Since I haven't been able to eat meat for a while, I realized the times when I have been able to it is due to the fact of how moist and flavorful the meat is. 

3. Meal Planning.
Obvious right? Since working I have seen a HUGE difference in how I feel about cooking dinner when I have a plan vs not having a plan. Shandra blog is a good resource for someone who does it for you or you can download/make one yourself. Do I stick to it always. no way. But it makes my head feel better knowing I at least have a plan

4. Don't have meat at every meal.=BRANCH OUT
Not really a tip here. Just a way to get outside of the box of the normal hum-drum cooking I fall into. That's one reason I enjoy this blog so much is that these recipes that you add have been tried and true and good enough to put up. This place is also a good resource for ideas. We used to work together in the bakery at BYUH. With that said, we also have really simple meals. That is something I had to adjust to recently. I like dinners to be big and filling and lots of options. One option is worlds better than none.

...welp, thats all I got. Not many tips. But these have really made a difference for us.

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